“GINGEN” Ceylon Tea with Ginger (Tea Bag)


GINGEN Ceylon Tea is the most popular tea with drinkser the world over. It can be enjoyed with milk, sugar and honey for a smooth, rich taste, which has made it a favorite with tea drinkers as a everyday beverage and breakfast drinks. Ceylon Tea’s convenience fits in perfectly with today’s busy lifestyle. However, because Cylong Tea acts as a ‘cooling element’ in the body. If one drinks too many cups in a day, it can disturb the digestive systemm. But when Ceylon Tea is combined with just the right amount of aged ginger this problem is solved, and at the same time the flavor of the tea is delightfully enhanced. GINGEN Ceylon Tea with Ginger beverage is perfect for tea drinkers of any age, any gender, any time. Delicious, Refreshing, and Beneficial.

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